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The SCOPE Joint Action organised a Stakeholder Forum at the Royal Society of Medicine in London, on 21 September 2015.

The forum was arranged by WP2, which focusses on communication and dissemination. It was set out to provide an update on progress achieved in the first 23 months across all Work Packages, highlight results received from surveys, and discuss proposed recommendations and tools to be developed. The forum was an excellent opportunity to bring all the SCOPE partners together in order to foster an atmosphere of mutual cooperation and collaboration. 50 delegates from across the European Union (EU) participated in the forum which comprised of four sessions:

I - An Overview of Progress in SCOPE

SCOPE Event 2015-09-21 Introduction - Dr June Raine, MHRA

SCOPE Event 2015-09-21 Progress in SCOPE - Mick Foy, MHRA

SCOPE Event 2015-09-21 View from General Advisory Board - François Houyez, EURORDIS

II - Effective Systems for Managing ADRs and Signals

SCOPE Event 2015-09-21 Improving capabilities for ADR reporting - Dr Viola Macolić-Šarinić, HALMED

SCOPE Event 2015-09-21 Delivering Effective Signal Management - Alexandra Pacurariu, MEB

III - Evaluating and Maximising Risk Benefit Assessment

SCOPE Event 2015-09-21 Tools for effective risk communication - Yvette Escudero, AEMPS

SCOPE Event 2015-09-21 Strengthening capabilities for benefit risk assessment – Jelena Ivanovic, AIFA

SCOPE Event 2015-09-21 Quality Management Systems - Júlia Pallós, OYGEI

SCOPE Event 2015-09-21 Content of SCOPE deliverables - Margarida Guimarães, INFARMED and Louise Loughlin, MHRA

IV - Questions and Panel Discussion 

SCOPE Stakeholder Forum Report and Recordings:

Stakeholder Stakeholder Forum Report

SCOPE Event 2015-09-21 Session I Recording

SCOPE Event 2015-09-21 Session II Recording

SCOPE Event 2015-09-21 Session III Recording

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