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The ‘Risk Communication on Medicines Workshop’ organised by the Agencia Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios (AEMPS) took place on 16 and 17 June in Madrid. The event brought together pharmacovigilance and communication experts from national medicines agencies, and representatives from WHO, EMA, EAMI, academia, patients, consumers, and healthcare professionals. In total 103 delegates participated in the meeting which was designed to share the results of Work Package 6- Risk Communication, and discuss how EU national agencies can improve their communication on the risk associated to medicines. 

The workshop was a huge success with great contribution from all participants throughout the two days. Work Package 6 presented a vision of shaping the communication in pharmacovigilance for the future by:  

- evidence -based use of risk communication practices and tools

- maximising new mechanisms and media

- working in partnership with patients, healthcare professionals and academia

- delivering measurable public health benefits

Videos from the workshop:

Day 1 - 16 June 2016: Part 1Part 2

Day 2 - 17 June 2016: Part 1, Part 2

Report from the workshop:

This report presents a summary of presentations, breakout sessions, and panel discussions. 

Click here to access this report. (17 pages PDF.)

Presenations from the workshop:

Day 1 - 16 June 2016:

SCOPE WP6 Workshop Welcome and Introduction

SCOPE WP6 Workshop Risk Communication- overview on current knowledge

SCOPE WP6 Workshop Audit of national methods of communication

SCOPE WP6 Workshop Web-portals

SCOPE WP6 Workshop Healthcare Professional Survey – An Introduction

SCOPE WP6 Workshop HCPs’ perspectives on safety communication about medicines

SCOPE WP6 Workshop Patient and Consumer Organisation Consultation

SCOPE WP6 Workshop Academic detailing as method for risk communication

SCOPE WP6 Workshop Risk Communication some elements to consider

SCOPE WP6 Workshop Proposals for improvements

Day 2 - 17 June 2016:

SCOPE WP6 Workshop Communicating Benefit and Harm Information

SCOPE WP6 Workshop Moving Forward

Our Progress