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Resource Management

WP7 created a best practice guidance document and an e-learning module focusing on the topic of resource management.

Resource Management Best Practice Guide

This best practice guide aims to provide examples of good practice in the area of resource management presenting Member State (MS) case studies and guiding principles.

What does this document cover?

1. Introduction

2. Guidance and best practice examples

 - Capacity management

 - Hiring, training, and retaining staff

 - Resource allocation

3. Conclusion

Annex – WP7 Resource Management Survey Report


57 page pdf.

Click here to access this document.

Resource Management E-learning Module

This e-learning module is addressed to PV staff at National Competent Authorities (NCAs) – including new starters and existing staff – and aims to increase their knowledge of resource management.

Learning objectives

  • To gain a good basic knowledge of capacity management
  • Understand the importance of recruitment, training and staff commitment
  • Demonstrate an awareness of methods of staff hiring, training and development and staff commitment
  • Be aware of factors that may influence resource allocation

What does this e-learning module cover?

1. Introduction

2. Capacity management

3. Recruitment, training and staff commitment

4. Factors influencing resource allocation

Target audience

The target audience is primarily pharmacovigilance staff working at EU NCAs.


12-15 minutes completion time.

Click here to access this e-learning module

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