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Work Packages

The SCOPE Joint Action work is being implemented via eight work packages, which target discrete elements, or support the overall project


The Work Package and governance structure of the SCOPE Joint Action is shown below

SCOPE Structure(1)


The three ‘horizontal’ work packages WP1 Coordination, WP2 Dissemination and WP3 Evaluation are common to all Joint Actions.

WP1 – Coordination

WP2 – Dissemination

WP3 – Evaluation


There are five remaining work packages that focus on specific aspects related to pharmacovigilance.  Click on the following links for more information about each work package.

WP4 – ADR Collection

WP5 – Signal Management

WP6 – Risk Communications

WP7 – Quality Management Systems

WP8 – Lifecycle Pharmacovigilance


The progress page gives an overview of progress in the SCOPE Joint Action.

Our Progress