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Work Package 1 – Coordination

This Work Package had overall responsibility for the coordination and project management of SCOPE, ensuring that the Joint Action was accomplished on time, within budget, and with high-quality deliverables. The MHRA as Work Package Leader coordinated and organised meetings for Work Package Leaders and the General Advisory Board independent advisors. Additional responsibilities included establishing and running appropriate administrative, financial and project processes, the creation of progress reports and to report on the status and progress of the project to the European Commission to ensure rigorous quality assurance of the project.


Work Package 1 has a number of key deliverables:

  1. Project management and coordination of SCOPE
  2. Reporting on Joint Action status and progress to the CHAFEA
  3. Coordination of Work Package Leader meetings
  4. Coordination of General Advisory Board meetings

Partners involved

Lead: The MHRA (United Kingdom)

AEMPS (Spain)
AIFA (Italy)
HALMED (Croatia)
INFARMED (Portugal)
MEB (Netherlands)
OGYEI (Hungary)

Work Package 1 focuses on coordination of and organisational aspects of SCOPE to ensure delivery on time and budget
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