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Work Package 2 – Communication and Dissemination

The purpose of this Work Package was to effectively maintain internal communications between SCOPE partners as well as disseminating information to stakeholders outside the Joint Action. The main deliverables were achieved the SCOPE website, an information leaflet, and two Stakeholder Engagement workshops. Through these channels of communication, WP2 disseminated best practice guidance and tools delivered by the other work packages. At the same time it raised stakeholder awareness of SCOPE’s aims and work being undertaken to improve the ability of National Competent Authorities to operate effective pharmacovigilance systems. 


  • To make the SCOPE known to relevant target groups and stakeholders through the web site
  • To ensure that the results and deliverables of SCOPE are communicated to partners and stakeholders


Work Package 2 has a number of key deliverables:

  1. Holding stakeholder meetings to update on SCOPE progress
  2. Development of a communication/dissemination plan
  3. Implement and maintain a SCOPE website
  4. Delivering quarterly updates
  5. Supporting Work Package promotional activity
  6. SCOPE branding
  7. Final report for the public

Partners involved

Lead: MHRA (United Kingdom)

AEMPS (Spain)
AIFA (Italy)
HALMED (Croatia)
INFARMED (Portugal)
MEB (Netherlands)
OGYEI (Hungary)

Work Package 2 is responsible for effectively disseminating information about deliverables and progress of the SCOPE Joint Action
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