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Work Package 3 – Evaluation

Work Package 3 focused on the evaluation of SCOPE, establishing evaluation guidelines to verify that the project was implemented according to plan. Ongoing evaluation processes provided a mechanism for feedback throughout the project and supported the achievement of the SCOPE objectives. The measurement and assessment of SCOPE processes were defined and followed through active monitoring and vigilance during the project by means of regular audits of SCOPE Work Packages and evaluation reports.

Work Package 3 had oversight of training delivered within SCOPE, ensuring consistency and value of training provided by SCOPE Work Packages. Evaluation reports were also created for each SCOPE training event.

A final evaluation report will be written by Work Package 3 covering the impact of SCOPE on secondary users and future recommendations for the evaluation function for a sustainable pharmacovigilance network following SCOPE.


  1. To evaluate SCOPE to verify if that is implemented as planned and achieves the objectives
  2. To have oversight of training delivered within SCOPE to ensure consistency


Work Package 3 has a number of key deliverables:

  1. Development of measurement processes
  2. Monitoring and feedback for each Work Package
  3. Audit reports on Work Packages
  4. Audit report on training
  5. Ensuring consistency of training

Partners involved

Lead: INFARMED (Portugal) 

AEMPS (Spain)
AIFA (Italy)
HALMED (Croatia)
MEB (Netherlands)
OGYEI (Hungary)

Work Package 3 will evaluate SCOPE deliverables as well as ensuring consistency and value of SCOPE training
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